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I’d like to find out how to block everyone outside of
the our LAN. The following phone call got through:
1. accountcode: Blank
2. src: Caller*ID number Blank
3. dst: Destination extension 901185294464086
4. dcontext: Destination context DLPN_DialPlan1
5. clid: Caller*ID with text Blank
6. channel: Channel used SIP/xxx-088c48d8
7. dstchannel: Destination channel DAHDI/1-1
8. lastapp: Last application if appropriate Dial
9. lastdata: Last application data (arguments)
10. start: Start of call 2010-12-16 04:49:28
11. answer: Answer of call 2010-12-16 04:49:32
12. end: End of call 2010-12-16 04:49:52
13. duration: Total time in system, 24seconds
14. billsec: Total time call is up, 20seconds
15. disposition: What happened to the call:
16. amaflags: What flags to use: DOCUMENTATION

In Sip.conf I have:
All the other local phones here

One WanIP address

Thank you,

Gary Kuznitz

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  • 0) What makes you think it came from outside?

    1) iptables/fail2ban

    2) bind Asterisk to the IP address of the ‘inside’ interface. Search for
    ‘bind’ in sip.conf.