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On 12/08/2010 02:48 PM, Alex Saavedra wrote:
> Jonas,
> I’ve been using H.264 and H.263+ with a few Grandstream GVX3140. When
> using H.264 the image quality was better, and required bandwidth
> appeared lower compared with H.263+. In fact H.264 is expected to
> consume less bandwidth for as much as 50% (according to Wikipedia).
> Note however that when configuring bandwidth limits inside Asterisk
> (maxcallbitrate directive) I saw no effect on client devices. Only
> client configuration succeeded (v here).
> I kept H.263+ only for compatibility reasons when using X-Lite
> softphone (no support for H.264).
> Regards,
> Alex Saavedra

Do you use H263 and H264 together on a peer ?

Because when I define :


there is no video.

I can only allow 1 video-codec on a peer…