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Some SOHO prospects only have a cellphone and I was wondering if
someone had investigate running Asterisk on a smartphone, to perform
tasks such as IVR, CID rewriting, voice-mail, notifications through
e-mails, etc.?

Thank you.

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  • Do you mean, using the smart phone as an Asterisk server, or as a device (i.e., an extension)?

    I think running Asterisk in server mode would run up against blocking of SIP traffic on most voice networks. Also, you would probably run into issues with battery life, and with availability (what if you are flying and have to turn off your smart phone – suddenly the phone number wouldn’t go to the IVR or voice mail any more). I would also be concerned about constantly changing IP addresses, firewalling within the carrier network, …

    As an extension, I believe there are some softphone implementations available for Android (they might still run up against blocked SIP traffic, though).

    Alternatively, you can probably also use “follow me” or plain old forwarding to get calls to the cell phone, and DNDI for dialing outgoing calls.

  • While I can run Asterisk on my Nokia N900, I have to say it’s purely for
    my own benefit and to be a bit geeky…

    Personally people like this are cheakskates and not worth your time and
    effort in trying to implment a solution for them unless they’re going to
    spend 1000’s with you.