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Yes, the thanksgiving holiday is here (in the USA)! But also, the fear
of running out of IP addresses next year has raised its ugly head and
since we don’t do Thanksgiving in Europe, we have some serious talking
to do about this problem.

This Friday at 12 Noon EST, Olle Johansson will be joining us to
describe the state of the migration to IP v6 in VoIP-dom. Olle (@oej)
needs no introduction. His company, Edvina was founded in 1987. Since
then, they’ve promoted open standards, for networking, for application
integration and for software. Olle is a pillar of our community and an
outspoken critic of all that stands in the way of progress in his
areas of expertise.

We plan to cover the following issues (and more) :

– IPv6 – how to get it into your network today
– VoIP and IPv6 – why is this a good marriage?
– Experiences from Asterisk 1.8 IPv6 support
– Living in a dual stack world
– Dual stack considered bad for VoIP?
– Implementations out there – a call for help? Which devices used in
the VUC community supports IPv6? Any experiences?

If you can’t be there, consider listening to the recording at a convenient time.

You can also listen live via mp3 stream now, or via SIP (especially
tasty in g722 wideband) or Skype, or even… PSTN. Watch the back
channel text on IRC. You’ll find all the info at http://vuc.me – most
of the contact numbers are in the top banner.

mp3 stream: http://www.call2stream.com/stream/vuc-me.m3u
PSTN: +1 425-906-3916
iNum: +883 5100 123 94882

IRC: #vuc on Freenode.net or http://vuc.me/irc
VUC in your local time zone: http://vuc.me/next

Also, we are giving away a Gigaset SIP/DECT phone that day, so relax,
join us, mute if you need to belch after all that food and drink and
get ready for IPv6!