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i have a small problems on Asterisk 1.6 with the MusiconOld :



in extensions.conf:

exten => 0532xx,1,Answer
exten => 0532xx,2,MusicOnHold(Sound_1)
exten => 0532xx,3,Dial(SIP/ACCOUNT001,180,t)
exten => 0532xx,4,Hangup

When i call to the number, i have the Music “Sound_1” but the SIP Phone
don’t ring …

Where is my error ?

and second question, can i said at asterisk that when he receive the call,
he play the music from first second ? and repeat at the end of the music.

Thanks for your help

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  • First, if you don’t use the Music on hold command prior to the dial,
    do you hear ringing? It seems to me that what’s going on here is that
    you’re overriding the progress notification that results from the
    device responding to the invite with “TRYING” or “RINGING” by running
    MOH. If the ringing doesn’t occur even when you remove the MOH
    command, your device is probably not signaling properly and you’ll
    need to use the “r” option in your Dial command.


  • 2010/11/24 Sherwood McGowan :


    Thanks for your help, yes, if i don’t put the music on hold command, the phone
    ringing. I have change for put the “r” but no effect


  • Olivier,
    Your MusicOnHold(Sound_1) command is overriding the progress
    indications that Asterisk would normally provide. Do you intend to
    play music on hold, or are you just wishing to set the class for that
    call? If the latter, use Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=Sound_1). That would
    NOT play the Music on hold, thereby allowing Asterisk to provide the
    progress indications. If you mean to play the music, you’re going to
    have to understand that you won’t be able to hear indications (Please
    read such as

    Does that clear it up? Basically, you cna’t have Music On Hold AND
    Ringing for a channel going at the same time, they’re mutually

  • hi there
    i know this post is old , but i want to say something about this
    your error:
    exten => 0532xx,2,MusicOnHold(Sound_1)
    exten => 0532xx,3,Dial(SIP/ACCOUNT001,180,t)

    —> you should change like this
    exten => 0532xx,3,Dial(SIP/ACCOUNT001,180,m)
    options “m” is used to play the music instead of playing the ring tones