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Im using

Sangoma Hardware, using wanpipe-3.5.17



exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten =>
;exten => s,n,Set(${LOCALSTATIONID})
exten => s,n,MixMonitor(/mnt/ramdisk/${BASEFILE}.wav)
exten => s,n,ReceiveFAX(/mnt/ramdisk/${BASEFILE}.tif)
exten => s,n,Hangup()
exten => h,1,System(/home/asterisk/ “${EMAILADDRESS}” “${FAXSTATUS}”


exten => 0000000000,1,Set(LOCALSTATIONID=${EXTEN})
exten => 0000000000,2,Set(EMAILADDRESS=”emailaddress”)
exten => 0000000000,3,Goto(fax-in,s,1)

the script checks if tif file exists, converts to pdf, emails, and
then archives on no errors,if missing tiff, or faxstatus <> success, it puts
the fax in a queue folder along with the mix monitor file for analysis. , of
the faxes the fail, you can usually here bad line quality from the sender.

/mnt/ramdisk is a 1gb ramdisk, the dofax script moves the tif/pdf/wavs to a
samba share, and deletes them out of the ramdisk folder.

William Stillwell

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> Hi everybody,
> since some time I am looking for a current and reliable solution to
> send
> and receive faxes (probably fax-2-mail and mail-2-fax) in conjunction
> with Asterisk.
> For testing I am using a HFC-ISDN passive PCI-card, in production a
> Digium Dual T1/E1 PCI-card will be used.
> I run CentOS 5.5 (Kernel 2.6.18) and Asterisk 1.4 (but I also can use
> 1.8) but did not find any solution where I think “that’s it”.
> What are you using? mISDN, CAPI4linux, HylaFAX, IAXmodem, chan_misdn,
> … ?
> Can you point me to the correct direction, may be there are some more
> or
> less current howto’s (more current than the ones from 2007 and earlier
> you find everywhere in the net)?
> Thanks a lot,
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> Chau y hasta luego,
> Thorolf
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    Hylafax/IAXmodem hasn’t let me down so far, it works independent of
    technology (it only needs alaw/ulaw). Jitter has the ability to kill
    the transfers, but that shouldn’t be any problem with ISDN.

    Just create a bunch of iaxmodems and configure them in hylafax.

    For incoming faxes to email I set the callerID name to the emailadress
    in the dialplan and in etc/FaxDispatch set SENDTO to “$CIDNAME”. For
    outgoing faxes from email read the manpage of sendfax (save the
    attachment, convert it when necessary, call sendfax with the senders
    emailadress so notification get send back to the sender).