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I`ve been using Asterisk parking lots (multiple parking lots) with relative success on 1.6.2.X. The problem that I just found was the following: When I do park someone, and the call is parked for the duration of the timeout, the person who parked the call gets back the parked calls (his phone rings). That much is as expected. Let`s say this person doesn`t answer. I can`t tell where do set the behavior.

I get a

no extension ‘t’ in context ‘’

Message in the CLI. So, an empty context. Where do I set where the call should do at this point, I don`t have a NULL context anywhere, and I don`t think I should….?

Anyone knows what I can do to ensure the call isn’t dropped?


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  • Hi,

    I tried all combinaisons of parkinglot contexts. I always get the same CLI

    no extension ‘t’ in context ‘’

    I can’t find a way to define what context Asterisk should be going back to.
    The park-dial context that Doug suggested didn’t help, neither did my
    variations on parkinglotA.

    The “unnamed” context seems like a bug, maybe I’ll open something in the bug
    system if nobody can explain it…

    Or is there a secret place to define this in features.conf?