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Topic: Phono and Phono SDK, an exciting development you can read about

You can learn all about the technical aspects of Phono and the SDK
Friday with Chris Matthieu, but here are a couple of interesting
implementations that don’t require much effort to show a

1) There is already a WordPress plugin that literally allows you to
add a button on your WordPress blog that will call a SIP URI (or a
Tropo app or a PSTN number). I tested it yesterday and it takes
literally 30 seconds to install. Go to the admin of a WordPress blog,
go to “Plugins” and search for “Wordphone”. 30 seconds later, after
adding your text label and phone number to call, it working.

2) There’s a Kitchen Sink demo on the web site. I
decided to to see how long it would take to grab the code behind this
and throw an HTML page on our domain. The answer is took about 5 minutes to set up. Although it’s
basically just a copy of their demo, pasting the scrips and DIV into a
blank page showed me it’s very easy to connect this to a PSTN phone
number, an app at Tropo or a SIP URI.

Combine this with Asterisk (aka Swiss Army Knife of Telephony) and you
basically have the power to rule the world. Ok, maybe not rule the
world, but at least convince customers or users that you can do this
for them at a reasonable cost.

Great work from Voxeo Labs, come and talk to Chris on VUC Friday at 12 Noon EST:

At around 12 Noon EST, call in G722
wideband or see for more info about

Hope to hear you there?