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Recently we have been using asterisk 1.6 and everything worked ok, all our productions server are 1.6. Recently we have upgraded one to 1.8 and multiple parking call are not working, which worked pretty ok on asterisk 1.6. Are there any major changes in asterisk 1.8 related to park call and multiple parking lots. Bellow is my config from asterisk 1.6 which worked, I`ve tried this in 1.8 and it’s not working.


parkpos => 2011-2020
findslot => next
parkingtime => 60
context => parked

parkpos => 2021-2030
findslot => next
parkingtime => 60
context => parked

parkext => 2000
parkpos => 2001-2110
parkingtime => 60
adsipark = yes
findslot => next







include => parked

exten => 2011,hint,park:2011@parked
exten => 2011,1,Wait(1)
exten => 2011,2,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_A
exten => 2011,3,ParkedCall(2011)

exten => 2012,hint,park:2012@parked
exten => 2012,1,Wait(1)
exten => 2012,2,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_A
exten => 2012,3,ParkedCall(2012)

exten => 2021,hint,park:2021@parked
exten => 2021,1,Wait(1)
exten => 2021,2,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_B
exten => 2021,3,ParkedCall(2021)

exten => 2022,hint,park:2022@parked
exten => 2022,1,Wait(1)
exten => 2022,2,Set(CHANNEL(parkinglot)=parkinglot_B)
exten => 2022,3,ParkedCall(2022)

With this config I was able to also monitor every parking place and see on the phone of there is a call parked on that extension and pick that up from every phone in the office and every user when they press “Park Call” are parking the current call to their parking lot.

This config worked on asterisk 1.6 and we cannot make it to work on asterisk 1.8.

Any ideas guys ?

Thanks for the answers,
Bogdan Sarandan

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  • Hi,

    Is it just a typo that fact that you are missing a closing bracket on
    the above line (and two more like it below)?


  • Yes, just a typo, sorry for that, maybe I’ve deleted them when I`ve
    copy/pasted .


  • Bogdan,

    Were you able to find a solution for this?

    I’m having the same problem as you are having. Could only get it to work using asterisk version and

    Already tried using version 1.8.0,, and 1.8.2-rc1 and still won’t get it to work.

    It parks the call, however it does not park on the correct parking lot. It always parks on the top of the list when you issue the command: “parkedcalls show” on the asterisk -r menu.

    Anyone out there with the same problem?? Most probably it’s a bug on version 1.8.x or they changed the format of multiple parking without informing anyone.


    David Cabrejos