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hi all, please help… I am calling in the simplest way among two
linphone clients connected to one asterisk server… the call ends on
one side without any sign of problem, while on the other side it stays
I checked the SIP dialogue and at some point the server sends a BYE
message to one party
I have no timeout set, though the duration of a call is always around 20s.
the two linphones register with a name which is defined as dynamic in
the call terminates on the caller’s side, while the callee is still
connected, and I have to force the termination on that side.
I’m using asterisk 1.8.0 and linphone 3.99

I really don’t know how to investigate further… a capture on sip ports
just shows that on the 25th ack packet the other side answers with a BYE
instead of with an OK SDP packet.