6 thoughts on - Issue with asterisk

  • You may have better luck with a more descriptive subject. Lots of users
    have an issue or two with Asterisk.

    Some details will also help. Like:

    ) Version of Asterisk.

    ) Name and version of the endpoints involved.

    ) Relevant sections of sip.conf as well as the console output from ‘sip
    show settings,’ ‘sip show user ,’ and ‘sip show peer .’ (I’m a 1.2 Luddite.)

    ) Console output of ‘sip debug ip

    ‘ illustrating the ‘issue.’

    Don’t forget to ‘sanitize’ any IP addresses, usernames, and passwords that
    you consider valuable. (Actually, it would be better to redo your
    configuration with ‘throw-away’ credentials (like username1 and password1)
    for the duration of your issue — less chance of exposing something or
    mistyping an important detail.)

  • Hi!

    You most likely have two SIP UAs that use the same IP, of which the 6839
    account is listed last in sip.conf while 3169 is trying to auth


  • Steve;

    You are so right – it was the end of the day, I was tired and pissy.

    Let me try this again:

    ns211156*CLI> core show version
    Asterisk 1.4.31 built by root @ some_server.foo.net on a x86_64 running
    Linux on 2010-06-10 14:32:34 UTC

    Name and version of endpoints involved:

    Sip Settings:

    Global Settings:

  • Hey;

    I never thought of that.

    It is causing an issue for me. One SIP UA works fine – ring, forward,
    etc. While the other does not.

    I am a little clueless here – where would I start with this?



  • Hi!

    Make the UAs listen on different ports (for example 5060 and 5062) and
    see if that solves your problem – if you can’t make them have different
    IPs, that is.

    Also be sure to fully understand what the insecure= settting in sip.conf
    does, if you are not then do some reading on that. If you really want to
    use insecure then you might want to consider to combine that with permit=
    and deny= to improve on security.

    The settings that you sent to the list mention neither 6839 nor do they
    mention 3169. Please state which of the SIP account those are using, on
    which IP (and port) these phones are.