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When I call into my Asterisk box via my VoIP line (using gsm codec) and then
try to make an outgoing DISA call over PSTN I get the following:

[Nov 1 15:12:54] WARNING[17694]: chan_dahdi.c:8930 dahdi_write: Cannot
handle frames in gsm format
[Nov 1 15:12:54] WARNING[17694]: app_dial.c:1401 wait_for_answer: Unable to
forward voice or dtmf

Obviously, it looks like asterisk is not converting the gsm frames to
whatever it needs to send over the PSTN. I never had this problem with the
1.6.x series but it started as soon as I upgraded to 1.8.0 and dahdi-2.4.0.
My Asterisk machine has a TDM-410 card installed for the interface to the

Any ideas?

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  • If you think you have found a bug, you should try searching on http://issues.asterisk.org. If there is no existing issue that describes your symptoms, and you’ve read through the bug guidelines, please submit the issue to that site. It’s used by the Asterisk community (including many developers employed by Digium) to track issues to resolution.

    Posting it to your blog does not help the Asterisk community. (The developers aren’t watching your blog for such reports.) Please interact with the issue tracker.

    Your description seems to describe the same thing as issue 17403 , the patch for which was committed to 1.8 this morning. Please try the patch or grab Asterisk from SVN to test whether this resolves your issue. And whether it does or not — please report your test results back to the issue.