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I have asterisk 1.4
I want to make a MGCP trunk as a client to connect to a provider who is
using MGCP protocol, he provided me with user & password,

I tried a custom trunk:


Not seems to help,

Any suggestions plz?

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  • In my research to try to get MEGACO protocol to work (they are very similar)
    I remember stumbling onto this information. I am not sure where or if it is
    even correct, it has been so long.

    MGCP is supported but only the MGCP phones, not the entire protocol.

    I tried to get full support for MEGCO because many NEC systems at that time
    used it for VoIP and the only other way to interface with an NEC IPK was via
    TDM, either POTS or T1, which are and especially were, WAY too expensive.

    I am out of date with NEC, I haven’t touched one in years, but way back
    then, they were in the top three of PBX market share.

    You can probably google my name and MEGACO and you may find the info you are
    looking for.

    Steve Totaro

  • Hi!

    You will most probably need 1.8 for this, with 1.4 you will certainly not
    be able to succed. Read more:

    Quote Matthew Fredrickson: “A new channel driver, called chan_ccs, that
    allows, among other things, you to control MGCP media gateways for bearer
    trunks, instead of having to locally terminate them on the asterisk box
    that’s controlling the signaling links. There is also code in the same
    branch that has chan_ccs that modified chan_mgcp so that Asterisk can act
    as a media gateway (since I don’t have any good real media gateways to
    test on). This basically means you can have Asterisk TDM channel
    scalability up to (in the ideal state) the same level as you can do with
    SIP with no media, per box.”