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Hi, I am using Asterisk and have an issue but I’m not sure if
it’s a bug or not. I am using the cdr_adaptive_odbc logging module and
writing my CDR records to a MS-SQL server. I need to log which end
hangs the call up and have placed the relevant
CDR(myfield)=caller/callee commands where they need to be.

When I watch the call on the console I can see the CDR field being set
properly but when I check the CDR record it is incorrect. It appears
that when one end hangs up the CDR is being written immediately instead
of waiting until the h exten. I have had a look in cdr.conf and set
endbeforehexten=no, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Does anyone have any ideas or is it a problem with the cdr_adaptive_odbc