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Here is the scenario:
1. 1st phone calls and asterisk dials to extension no.
2. Extension answers 1st caller(which makes it busy).
2. 2nd phone calls and asterisk dials to extension no.
3. 2nd phone hears a BUSY tone, but have to wait for the timeout to expire(in DIAL cmd) before proceeding to the next step in dialplan
4. Get the current DIALSTATUS, but it returns NOANSWER, instead of BUSY

the problem is, since the 2nd caller hears a busy tone, it should not wait for the timeout to expire, and proceed immediately in fetching the DIALSTATUS.
I also tried this scenario and used DEV_STATE, but it always returns NOT_INUSE

I already assigned qualify=yes in my sip configuration but still to no avail.

any ideas?



2 thoughts on - DIALSTATUS always returns NOANSWER

  • Maybe you should post this portion for your dialplan. I have done the same
    thing several times and never had this timeout issue.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria