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I  wonder if anyone could give some light on SIP NAT.
I’ve having a friken headache with SIP NAT 1 way audio.
Client – NAT  – NAT – Server
Client can hear users from server side
but server cant hear client.
Ive tried every possible settings
externip set
localip set
NAT= yes / route
directmedia yes/ no
Ive check the sip headers in the debug mode and its using the external address
in both client and server.
Ive tried STUn servers etc
No luck. any info on this
Its for my installation which I am testing.

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  • The more detail you post, the more chances are there to get help. For
    example here you should have posted your sip.conf, devices used, and
    probably also the context doing the communication.

    Zeeshan A Zakaria

  • 2010/10/21 Zakir Mahomedy

    Which ports are open or forwarded on both firewalls ?
    Could you post some RTP traces ?