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I’m running and need to record a small number of custom
values use cdr_odbc and cdr_adaptive_odbc, and only the custom

The good news is that the custom records are being stored in the
database as desired. The bad news is that I get three sets of
warnings/notice about ‘SQL Exec Direct failed’ and dropping then
reconnecting the database handle. I traced the SQL calls and found
these occur when the CDR engine attempts to record all of standard
CDR fields.

The cdr_adaptive_odbc documentation suggests that it is safe to drop
the standard fields, and while my system does continue to function the
dropping of the db handle and extra logging is annoying.

Have I missed an option to disable recording the standard CDR fields?


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  • It sounds like you’ve configured both cdr_odbc and cdr_adaptive_odbc, but
    you really only want to use cdr_adaptive_odbc. Trying disabling cdr_odbc,
    either by removing the configuration file or by noload’ing the module in

  • Paul wrote:

    I have not, but as the system is not fully in production, I have been
    restarting asterisk as I make changes. I also realize I may have
    poorly described the issue.

    I did not ‘drop’ columns from the database. My CDR table has four columns
    that are custom and only those four. They are being updated correctly.
    The notices and warnings occur when Asterisk tries to insert a record
    with the standard fields.