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Anyone used the new Grandstream GXP-21XX series phones. We have been
testing these phones and like what we see. We are looking for a greater
cross section of testing before we roll them to production. Any feed back
would be appreciated. We are talking with Grandstream engineering and they
are looking for feed back as well.
Any input is appreciated.

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  • Typically Grandstream 21XX and 20XX is all we’ve deployed in the past and
    have had great success with them. I occasionally ( and I mean rarely ) get
    complaints about calls when on speaker phone, but I think thats more user
    error than anything else, i’ve been using them for a couple years now and
    have had nothing but the best with them. The only quirk that i’m still
    looking into, is that dang Intercom button. Other than that, Grandstreams
    are really the way to go IMHO.

    Side note: We’ve probably got close to 400 deployed….

  • That’s the replacement for the GXP2000 – which I’ve deployed a great many

    Only deployed a small number of GXP2110s as reception console phones
    though and I’ve not had issues.

    Grandstream seem to suffer from buggy early software though, so do check
    their releases and when you find a stable version – stick to it – although
    I have to say, all the GXP2000 releases over the past couple of years have
    been stable, so maybe they’re learning 🙂


  • Gordon

    Thanks for the reply. Grandstream has three new phones that will replace
    the GXP-20XX series as some point. GXP-2000 -> GXP-2100, GXP-2010 ->
    GXP-2110, GXP-2020 -> GXP-2120. The GXP-2110 has been released the others
    appear to be on the cusp of release. We have been testing the GXP-2110 for
    several months now and are looking to see if there is any one else that has
    used them in production since their release last month. Are there any other
    early adopters out there?

    Based on your reply you have used several of the new GXP-2110’s with
    operators. Have you had any issues with screen display issues. What version
    of the firmware are you on with them.


  • I’ve just realised that they’re not 2110, but 2020’s – they look almost
    identical (but without the *HD* sticker) which is probably what threw

    But no issues with a few of those – in use in busy offices as an
    18-BLF/key reception phone…

    Been using Grandstreams for over 4 years now – still to find a phone with
    their features for the price. They’re not the best, but have proven to be
    OK over the years.