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Hi list,
This is not necessarily an asterisk issue, but a lot of you guys know
way more then me, so I have a question:
someone at my company sets his phone to forward calls to his cellphone,
so someone calls our office, call is forwarded to his cell, and the
callerID that shows up on his cell is of course our office number,
because asterisk originates a new call to his cell and then bridges the two.
so he told me, a partner of his, at his office does the same thing, and
when he does it, the callerID shows up as coming from the initial
caller, not from his office.

so here’s the schematic:
customer -> our office —callforward–> cellphone

so should I call AT&T and ask them to unlock our callerID so I can set
the outgoing callerID to the customer’s number in my dialplan? or is
there some other way to handle this?

I appreciate any input,

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  • It depends on the technology and the carrier.

    A simple POTS line and you’re out of luck.

    If you have a T1 (i.e. ISDN-PRI) and a co-operative carrier, it may just
    work or they may enable it if requested.

    You could always use a co-operative SIP carrier (like Vitelity). A penny
    or 2 per minute will keep your someone happy.

  • We have a T1 of sorts, AT&T “ip flex reach” basically voip over a t1
    line i think. I will ask them and see what they say, I’m already able to
    set our outgoing callerID to any number we own, just no other ones..

  • Can you elaborate please? is this a feature from our carrier? or
    something that will be built into asterisk? sounds like a useful fix 🙂

  • ah-ha,
    thank you very much, that’s what I found when googling, I’ll ask my user
    and see if Asterisk announcing the call is acceptable to him, if I can’t
    spoof the callerID.

    Followme would alternatively work pretty well, press 1 to accept the
    call etc. is a pretty nice feature, I’ll see if that works for him.