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Hi all,
Is it Openr2 supported by asterisk 1.6.2 without pach instalation ? I am a little bit confuse about that. My asterisk 1.6.2 show me the following warning:
Unknown signalling method ‘mfcr2’ at line 29.
I had downloaded and instaled openr2-1.3.0 but the messages is still shown. Which files I must to change in order to have everything working properly.

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Flavio Roberto Miranda
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2 thoughts on - OpenR2

  • Yes. Provided you have libopenr2.

    Most likely you didn’t have libopenr2 (or its development headers,
    depending on the installaation type)

    A. You need to re-run the configure script of asterisk and rebuild it.

    B. How have you installaed openr2? From source or from a binary package?
    If from a binary package, you probably also need the -dev / -devel