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Hi all,

Every time I reload my asterisk it fall down and the following message appear on log:

parse error: No category context for line 7 of /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

If I comment that line, it change to other line.

There are some thing wrong with my dahdi?


Flavio Roberto Miranda
Skype: flaviormiranda

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  • Sounds like you’re missing some sort of [header] in the file, such as a
    [general] or something.

    Perhaps if you showed the configuration file it would be easier to determine
    what the actual problem is.


  • Hello,

    Flavio Miranda wrote:

    No, but there’s probably something wrong with your chan_dahdi.conf.
    Maybe in the previews line.

    It would help if you could show us your chan_dahdi.conf

    Best regards,
    Paulo Santos

  • It’s more than likely a problem with your chan_dahdi.conf file — which, by
    the way, you appear to have forgotten to attach.

  • Asterisk:/var/log/asterisk# pico /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

    ; DAHDI telephony




    ss7type = itu



    ;General options

    usecallerid = yes
    hidecallerid = no
    callwaiting = yes
    threewaycalling = yes
    transfer = yes
    echocancel = yes
    rxgain = 0.0
    txgain = 0.0

    ;FXO Modules
    group = 1
    echocancel = yes
    signalling = fxs_ks
    context = local
    channel = 1

    That´s it!!


    Flavio Roberto Miranda
    Skype: flaviormiranda


  • Hello,

    Flavio Miranda wrote:

    You’re missing the context [channels] at the start.

    Best regards,
    Paulo Santos