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I have searched for some time but I have not found an answer on how to fix the CDR when a call is transferred. The problem is that if someone dials a cell phone and then transfers the call to another extension the CDR for the cell call stops and there is no way to track that the call was transferred so we can bill correctly. Many people have asked this question but there is no answer, only a mention that it should be fixed in 1.6 which it is not (at least on

Any tips oh how to correct this problem? A lot of customers give me grief about this because they cannot properly bill people for their cell calls.

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  • Carlos Chavez writes:

    You can set a TRANSFERCONTEXT. In that context you can try to use
    ForkCDR and its companions to get the records right. If you come up with
    a setup which acts perfectly no matter the scenario I would be happy to
    hear about it.

    Note that TRANSFERCONTEXT is not invoked when the phone does a SIP
    redirect before the call is answered, AFAIK.

    Notice that it’s been a long time since I battled with this part of
    Asterisk, and I didn’t check that I remembered correctly.

    This will all be a lot more sane with Channel Event Logging in 1.8.x,
    but at that point you need to run mediation before you get CDR’s you can
    use for billing.


  • to get accurate cdr’s i just use a “border” server to send every call
    through that logs cdr… doesn’t matter how many times it gets transferred
    internally the “border” server still gets accurate records of the whole

    On 27 August 2010 21:07, Benny Amorsen

  • Please don’t top-post.

    Geraint Lee writes:

    That is what we do too, but customers are requesting CDR’s which include
    information about e.g. which specific phone answered the call. This
    information is unknown to the border servers.

    We provide customers with access to the CDR’s generated on their
    particular virtual Asterisk, but we receive complaints about the
    deficiencies of the 1.6.x CDR’s. It is particularly troublesome that
    dial plan changes often change CDR’s.

    With Channel Event Logging we should be able to provide all the
    information which customers ask for and at the same time insulate them
    from dial plan changes by logging only the information we want in
    precisely the format we wnat. I look forward to that, even though it
    means a bit of work mediating the logs before presenting them to