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for suport server

Dear sir,
i would like to request you please support your web . & do some work your web , please accept my request.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

BRI confiugration error

Hi sir,

I was installed Goautodial server and I have b410p BRI card. BRI card
showing OK with dahdi_tool, this NT mode.
whenever I am dialing from server i am not able to connect the call . in Cli
below mention warning is comming .
please what is the mistake with me . help me

Executing [0559566768@default:1] AGI(“Console/dsp”, “agi://”) in new

About Redfone Configuration

Dear sir,

Please have you any document of Redfone or links. I need to learn this about
redfone. i am totally confusing in this.

mySQL connection testing

That’s your opinion – and your entitled to it sir.

However, this still doesn’t answer my question.