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BT Fibre and 2701HGV


Does anyone have any experience of connecting SIP phones to an asterisk
server through the 2701HGV router that BT supply with their Infinity

Thanks in Advance


New to Asterisk


I am interested in learning more ablout Asterisk. Is there a recommended
link for “getting started”. Can I set up an Asterisk server on my Win 7
local host ?? Is this what I need to do or is there another way of becoming
familiar with the Asterisk product ?

Any help and guidance for a new user is much appreciated ?


Skinny Channel Driver Remote Crash Vulnerability

A previously developed patch dealt with a denial of service attack exploitable in the Skinny channel driver that occurred when certain messages are sent after a previously registered station sends an Off Hook message. Unresolved in that patch is an issue in the Asterisk 10 releases, wherein, if a Station Key Pad Button Message is processed after an Off Hook message, the channel driver will inappropriately dereference a Null pointer.

Similar to the problem solved with the previous patch, a remote attacker with a valid SCCP ID can use this vulnerability by closing a connection to the Asterisk server when a station is in the “Off Hook” call state and crash the server.

Now the presence of a device for a line is checked in the appropriate channel callbacks, preventing the crash.

you can download the latest Asterisk packages in the download section, as usual.

Stay tunned for more security updates.

BroadVoice Unlimited World PLUS – Dialplan Update (18/May/2012)

We are Broadvoice users some years ago, using Unlimited World PLUS
product that seems reasonably acceptable.

The problem is that we review Broadvoice config updates a lot of times
to make our changes, but they are adding a lot of new countries to the
flat rate (which is what alone is all that you want to use to avoid
overruns), but the instructions installation are not updated on their


It seems that they do in order to use the destinations to which there is
no flat rate billing for the additional traffic minutes.

That is why we have proceeded to update the Dialplan so they can make
use of the new destinations as a flat fee. We will verify the
destinations which are not allowed cell phones so they can improve and
optimize their Asterisk Dialplan.


Hope that you help you


R-Series with NON-DIGIUM card on servers


I would like to know if the servers (A and B) could use boards non-digium
with the R-Series HA product from Digium, i have a couple of B600E Sangoma
to put on each server and use the R-series to provide HA. Is that possible?


OpenVPN design w/ Yealink


We are toying with setting up a redundant data center for our hosted PBX
product, and plan to use the OpenVPN feature of our Yealink phones for
connectivity to each data center. The feature has been fantastic with
the first data center, allowing us to bypass all SIP NAT issues entirely
and allowing remote access to the phones’ web interface without having
to touch the customers’ firewalls.

We recently discovered that the Yealink platform only supports a single
tunnel, and have been discussing options with them. They asked if any
other phones support more than one OpenVPN tunnel, and I really don’t
know. Has anyone tried such a thing with Aastra?

But beyond that, I am starting to think that I haven’t thought it all
the way through. I meant for the phones to connect and register to
asterisk LXC containers in both data centers. For inbound calls this
works fine – our DID provider will connect to the first datacenter if it
is up, or fallback to the second if it is down, and either way the
phones will ring.

I’m getting confused on how the outbound will work, and am wondering if
I need something in front of the two datacenters to direct outbound
calls to the datacenter that is “up”. But that smacks of another single
point of failure.

Any advice?


Jeff LaCoursiere