Asterisk Pin Code For Out-going International Calls (safeguard Against Fraud)


Hello All,

I will like to configure Asterisk to use PIN Code for all outgoing international calls.

Also, any suggestions as to when should I prompt users for code prior to dialing the number or after dialing the number?

can someone provide with a example on how to accomplish this goal? I am a bit confuse by this :

Thanks for your help.

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Account Code


Hi list , I have a question with account codes, all my outgoing calls are authenticated, but now the boss wants to monitor these calls with the codes.

example: maria has an extension "110", but peter was in place and use the phone maria , maria then says that she did not make that call to that number of cell.

like to know who made it?, I think the pin code is my friendo , my users have a four-digit pin to authenticate, I'm thinking of using the cdr field userfield

as I can do to read the pin code and write it…

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Get voicemail box password from dialplan?


I would like to be able to use the dialing extension's voicemail box password to authenticate or as a PIN code in the dialplan. Is there a best method for doing this? I could use AGI scripting but I was hoping there was a built-in dialplan means for
doing this. I have used VMAuthenticate but I would like more flexibility than what this offers. Also, related to this question; is there a "best" or recommended method to determine the dialing extensions voice mail box? I have been using variations of ${CUT(CHANNEL,-,1)} which does work but I just have to…

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Add PinCode on my dialplan


That's what the DISA function is for. From:
[] On Behalf Of Malvin Rito
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 8:34 AM
Subject: [asterisk-users] Add PinCode on my dialplan Hi List,
I currently have a asterisk server running used for dialing-out for IDD but
I want to Put a pincode wherein only users with the right pin code will be
allowed to dial IDD. Any sample dialplan you can suggest pls? Thanks,

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Asterisk => Request a Code


Hi i want add a numeric password to a call in : User call to a number,
Asterisk answer and request: "please insert your pin code"
the user enter a numeric code of 4 number and "#"
when asterisk have the code, he start a api. Anyone have a sample of extension.conf for this ? thanks

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