Regional settings with Sipura SPA-3000


Hello! I do realize that this is not strictly an Asterisk question, but I have a feeling that the knowledge might be found here. Does anyone have a good set of regional settings (rings/dial tones/cadences) for the SPA-3000 for Sweden? Thanks in advance!

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PHP/MySQL developer needed


We are currently looking for a PHP/MySQL senior developer in the Dominican Republic. We are offering a full contract with excellent salary. Requirements:

  • MySQL knowledge (you don't have to be a ninja but you must have a good level)
  • jQuery
  • Must be efficient and proactive, oriented to results.
  • Must live in Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
  • HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Linux CLI knowledge (this is a great plus)
  If you know would like to apply just send me an email (see the 'About Me' section).   Note: This is not a…

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DHCP Option 43 and pfSense + Asterisk


Hi, Has anyone succeded using DHCP Option 43 and Aastra phones to set the
configuration server from a pfSense router or any other router? Sorry, if not directly related to Asterisk but I am sure the collective
knowledge will pay off. I am specifically wondering what the Number, Type and Value should be
in Additional
BOOTP/DHCP Options under pfSense 2.0
Thanks a lot

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SIP Realtime & Templates (!)


Hi To the best of my knowledge there isn't. But, if you're using realtime you can create a program to add your
extensions to the database and you can create the concept of templates
within that. Regards Ish On Tue, 2011-09-13 at 12:27 +0200, Alexandru Oniciuc wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to assign templates defined in sip.conf to sip realtime
> peers?
> There was another mail in 2008 which asked the same question but never
> received a response.

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Mirroring or other arangement to secure *


Hi, Please excuse me for addressing this Linux issue on this list, however I
hope that some of you have found a solution thats matches the * use and
also easy to install without very deep knowledge of Linux. My wish are a program that maintain a mirror copy of the HD. Thank you! Best regards

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