Asterisk 13 FAX


Hello team! I’m planning to add fax functionality to my PBX. From research it seems that there is 2 options: spandsp and Digium. I lean towards Digium app, licensing is fine. However, they don’t have download for v13 Should I just download their version for v12 Asterisk? Any other suggestions on what to use, what works best? I have a pretty good plan on what I’m going to do but unsure which one to pick. Callcentric is my SIP provider and it supports T.38 Thanks Ivan --

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No Audio While Call Forwarding, Yes Audio With Followme


Hi all,

the subject says it all. Technical details: - Asterisk - Behind NAT - Using external SIP Provider

The call forwarding is tested both with this functionality on the phone and with configuration in the dialplan. In the latter case a database variable is set to the external number, if set a Dial command calls this number. So really nothing fancy (actually I followed the example on ).

sip.conf has nat=yes, externip= ... and I tried every setting of directmedia in the providers configuration part.

Followme works flawlessly, so I'm really wondering if this is a NAT issue.

Can anyone point…

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Asterisk 11 Queue Calls - Emulate Dial(b) Functionality


I currently run an Asterisk 10 system with hotdesking functionality set up. Several of the users have worked with a system in the past that supported BLF on their IP phones, and would like their current phones to behave in a similar fashion. Right now I have a really kludgy system that mostly works, but doesn't consistently trigger the cleanup macro to "clear" the device state on the end of a call. Rather than continue to beat my head against the wall playing "which context isn't firing an h extension to dump calls into the cleanup macro", I decided to…

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Please dont tell me this is impossible


I have been fighting all night with version 1.8 and have not found a
way to do this with any command or Perl AGI->command. I need to play a
file and wait until the customer presses at least $maxdigits to
return, BUT, the file must continue playing until $maxdigits is
received or $timeout has expired. So far I found impossible to achieve
this functionality. Am I missing something?

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Digium IP Phones - Teleworker Capability?


We couldn't see anything about this on the Digium site, but maybe
someone here can comment? Do the new Digium phones provide good "teleworker" functionality? The benchmark we're comparing against is the capabilities of Mitel
3300 IP systems with Mitel 5330 IP phones (running their proprietary
MINET protocol), specifically: a. A Mitel phone can be easily configured for teleworker mode (select
TW mode and the IP of the gateway server). The phone reboots and it
is ready to be used (once the Mitel border gateway is set to recognize
the unit's ID, based on…

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