Echo Cancellation



If our Digium Telephony Card does not support echo cancellation like (1TDM410PLF or 1AEX410PLF), what is the best and simple way to overcome the echo?

Regards Bilal

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Bug? 'dahdi Show Channel X' HWEC Echo Cancellation Display Is Incorrect While Not On A Call


When doing a 'dahdi show channel X' from the asterisk console, when the line is not part of a call the echo cancellation line ALWAYS says 'currently OFF'. Once a call is in progress, it will change to 'ON'. Is this a bug, or is the behavior by design?

My setup:

Asterisk 10.10.0 Dahdi 2.6.1 TE820 T1 card

In chan_dahdi.cfg: ... echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes echotraining=800 ...

And in #included chan_dahdi_additional.conf (this is a freepbx install):

... ;;;;;;[3884] signalling=fxo_ks pickupgroup= mailbox=3884@default immediate=no echotraining=800 echocancelwhenbridged=yes echocancel=yes context=from-internal callprogress=no callgroup= callerid=John Doe <3884> busydetect=no busycount=7 accountcode= channel=>73 ...

-Justin Killen

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Dahdi 2.6.1 with OSLEC support


In order solve my incoming caller ID problem, I upgrade the dahdi to
version 2.6.1 from version 2.4.x. After upgrade, I found the echo
cancellation doesn't working (I'm using Digium AEX800B PCI Express card). I
can hear my self talking on the phone. How to solve this? I think I need to
recompile dahdi 2.6.1 with OSLEC support? how? [root@callcenter ~]# dahdi_cfg -vvv
DAHDI Tools Version - 2.6.1 DAHDI Version: 2.6.1
Echo Canceller(s): HWEC
Channel map: Channel 01: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Echo Canceler: oslec) (Slaves: 01)

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wct4xxp Interrupts not detected with dahdi 2.6, but working ok with 2.5


Hi, I've tried upgrading one of my servers with yum update to the latest dahdi/asterisk, and found out that my 4th gen TE410P is failing the dahdi init with Running dahdi_cfg: DAHDI startup failed: Input/output error Rolling back to 2.5 restores the normal operation, and reading the dahdi 2.6 change log I think I'm hitting this bug fix with my mobo/card combo? 2011-12-14 19:02 +0000 [r10379-10380] Shaun Ruffell
With dahdi 2.6 I'm getting this: #cat /proc/interrupts 209: 1 0 IO-APIC-level wct4xxp No interrupts?! #dmesg kernel: ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:01.0[A] -> GSI 24 (level, low) -> IRQ…

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Very slow faxing with Fax For Asterisk


I have been testing Fax For Asterisk with an analog fax sitting behind a Grandstream Handytone 286. I have been sending a number of faxes but I find that they send extremely slow. In my most basic test of sending from the HT286 straight to a tiff image
on Asterisk on the same subnet I am seeing as much as 200 seconds to send a single page. Debug in the CLI shows that we are negotiating down to T.38 4800. I have disabled echo cancellation and noise suppression on the HT286 but with no change. I have

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Questions on hardware or software-based echo cancellation


Hi, I'm having some questions related to echo cancellation configuration
on a Digium board enabled systems (B410P, TE420, TE420B, ....) for
cases when a hardware ech canceller is present or not. I read in TEXXX manual that when setting echocancel=yes in
chan_dahdi.conf on a VPMOCT64-equiped system, 128ms hardware echo
cancellation was enabled. 1. I'm correct thinking that it is then impossible to switch from
hardware to software echo can without removing the VPMOCT64 module
itself ?
2. Does the same also apply to HA8 and its VPMOCT032 module ?
3. Are the…

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no more trunk with asterisk


hello list i have asterisk 1.4 with and i have one card diguim (E1) with 2 providers i have noticed by an error related to the first provider some times i can
not call the numbers of of this provider
but with the second one there is no issue alos i cal call the internal
extension without issue
for exemple today between 15h55 and 16h10 i have noticed this issue if you can see any thing in this log and tell me what is the problem for your information i restart asterisk in order to solve…

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Digium Releases Octal-Span Digital Card


Connecting Traditional Telephony Services with Asterisk Communications Systems

TE820 Offers Highest Single-Card Port Density Available for use with Asterisk

Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced the availability of the TE820 Octal-Span digital card. This new high-density solution compliments Digium's existing broad suite of telephony card offerings designed specifically for Asterisk-based communications systems. The TE820 enables Asterisk integrators and OEMs to build large scale telephony deployments that are both high performance and cost-effective. Asterisk is the most widely used open source software for creating business phone systems and other communications applications. The combination of Digium hardware and Asterisk software…

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Cutting noise and voice


Very Good day to everybody, I had a problem with an implementation that
recently made ​​in my Company, dealing in a Grandstream gateway
which will enable echo cancellation but until you hear noise
point appears in the middle of words creating noise interference,
when you disable the echo in this device may not hear much
sound but the echo is uncomfortable. I added these lines to each sip of my sip.conf, but the echocontinues. echocancel = yes
echocancelwhenbridged = yes If anyone knows how or echo cancellation parameters should be
encuenta so that…

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Echo problem in the analoge lines


Hi All; To overcome the echo problem, what mainly I have to do in the configuration other than the following line in the system.conf under dahdi directory? echocanceller=mg2,1-16 1) How can I know if the digium card supporting echo cancellator?
2) If I am getting a message in the consol that unable to enable the echo cancelator, then what does it means? The hardware is not supporting echo cancellation or there is a software problem? Regards

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