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If our Digium Telephony Card does not support echo cancellation like (1TDM410PLF or 1AEX410PLF), what is the best and simple way to overcome the echo?

Regards Bilal

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Bug? 'dahdi Show Channel X' HWEC Echo Cancellation Display Is Incorrect While Not On A Call


When doing a 'dahdi show channel X' from the asterisk console, when the line is not part of a call the echo cancellation line ALWAYS says 'currently OFF'. Once a call is in progress, it will change to 'ON'. Is this a bug, or is the behavior by design?

My setup:

Asterisk 10.10.0 Dahdi 2.6.1 TE820 T1 card

In chan_dahdi.cfg: ... echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes echotraining=800 ...

And in #included chan_dahdi_additional.conf (this is a freepbx install):

... ;;;;;;[3884] signalling=fxo_ks pickupgroup= mailbox=3884@default immediate=no echotraining=800 echocancelwhenbridged=yes echocancel=yes context=from-internal callprogress=no callgroup= callerid=John Doe <3884> busydetect=no busycount=7 accountcode= channel=>73 ...

-Justin Killen

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Dahdi 2.6.1 with OSLEC support


In order solve my incoming caller ID problem, I upgrade the dahdi to
version 2.6.1 from version 2.4.x. After upgrade, I found the echo
cancellation doesn't working (I'm using Digium AEX800B PCI Express card). I
can hear my self talking on the phone. How to solve this? I think I need to
recompile dahdi 2.6.1 with OSLEC support? how? [root@callcenter ~]# dahdi_cfg -vvv
DAHDI Tools Version - 2.6.1 DAHDI Version: 2.6.1
Echo Canceller(s): HWEC
Channel map: Channel 01: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Echo Canceler: oslec) (Slaves: 01)

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wct4xxp Interrupts not detected with dahdi 2.6, but working ok with 2.5


Hi, I've tried upgrading one of my servers with yum update to the latest dahdi/asterisk, and found out that my 4th gen TE410P is failing the dahdi init with Running dahdi_cfg: DAHDI startup failed: Input/output error Rolling back to 2.5 restores the normal operation, and reading the dahdi 2.6 change log I think I'm hitting this bug fix with my mobo/card combo? 2011-12-14 19:02 +0000 [r10379-10380] Shaun Ruffell
With dahdi 2.6 I'm getting this: #cat /proc/interrupts 209: 1 0 IO-APIC-level wct4xxp No interrupts?! #dmesg kernel: ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:01.0[A] -> GSI 24 (level, low) -> IRQ…

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Very slow faxing with Fax For Asterisk


I have been testing Fax For Asterisk with an analog fax sitting behind a Grandstream Handytone 286. I have been sending a number of faxes but I find that they send extremely slow. In my most basic test of sending from the HT286 straight to a tiff image
on Asterisk on the same subnet I am seeing as much as 200 seconds to send a single page. Debug in the CLI shows that we are negotiating down to T.38 4800. I have disabled echo cancellation and noise suppression on the HT286 but with no change. I have

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