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Does asterisk listen on port 4569 by default?

I’m running version Asterisk 11.25.1 and have a problem registering Zoiper (IAX) to Asterisk. I’m getting an error:
Registration refused

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  • Dear Thelma,

    Yes. Asterisk listen on port 4569 UDP on default config.

    Please, look at the Asterisk logfile, for clues about your issue. Or enable IAX2 debug vía Asterisk CLI.

    Other ideas:

    * Check that your server firewall permit UDP port 4569 incoming traffic.

    * Run tcpdump over the network interface of your server where the registration packets suppose come in. Look ir at least the softphone registration request are reaching the server.

    * Check if the credentials configured un the softphone mach the credentials configured on the server.


    El 5 jun. 2017 9:48, escribió:

  • Another idea:

    * Run netstat -tulpn command on Linux box AND look if there are an Asterisk process listening on 4569 UDP port on

    El 5 jun. 2017 10:00, “Victor Villarreal” escribió:

  • I’m getting:
    netstat -a |grep 4569
    udp 0 0*

    Should I be getting localhost IP?


  • Another might be to make sure iptables isn’t blocking the connection.

    You can run iptables -L -n -v To see if its set to block any ports.

  • No, I don’t think it is IP table issue, I’ve not upgraded dd-wrt for a while and it was zoiper was working OK with my previous version of asterisk.

    After upgrade to 11.25.1 it stop working. I’m sure port forwarding on dd-wrt is working OK as I have port 80 and
    443 open.


  • You can use tcpdump in your server to verify if it is receiving the packets.

    tcpdump -ni any port 4569

    So you have more than one ip in the server?

  • I think you need to increase verbose output and search in
    /var/log/asterisk/full for any error message related to IAX2 registration or simil.

    2017-06-05 17:12 GMT-03:00 :

  • Yes, it is working!

    tcpdump -ni any port 4569
    dropped privs to tcpdump tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode listening on any, link-type LINUX_SLL (Linux cooked), capture size 262144 bytes
    14:20:42.184521 IP > UDP, length 53
    14:20:42.184921 IP > UDP, length 37
    14:20:42.190529 IP > UDP, length 83
    14:20:42.190639 IP > UDP, length 71
    14:20:42.191378 IP > UDP, length 12
    14:20:45.320191 IP > UDP, length 31
    14:20:45.338718 IP > UDP, length 65
    14:20:45.338875 IP > UDP, length 82
    14:20:45.357173 IP > UDP, length 40
    14:20:45.357331 IP > UDP, length 65
    14:20:45.376559 IP > UDP, length 53
    14:20:45.376630 IP > UDP, length 12
    12 packets captured
    12 packets received by filter
    0 packets dropped by kernel


  • Use the command bellow to check if is Asterisk opening the port.

    netstat -nap | grep 4569

    You need to see something like this output, otherwise your asterisk is not opening the port.

    udp 0 0*

    Att, H

  • There are two different networks connecting in the tcpdump, 10 and 192.

    In this example that you send, are you trying to connect from different ips in different server ips?



  • yes it does. netstat -nap | grep 4569
    udp 0 0* 17375/asterisk


  • From the tcpdump I’d say your asterisk server is talking to Zoiper.

    I think Victor suggested turning on “iax2 set debug on”. You should see the raw the messages there. You might even see why Asterisk is refusing the registration.


  • In article <87af2f00-9973-f338-1cbc-9ce0a5bf7d21@sys-concept.com>, wrote:

    Check the settings in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf, for example:

    ;debug => debug
    ;security => security
    ;console => notice,warning,error
    ;console => notice,warning,error,debug console => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose(5)
    messages => notice,warning,error full => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose,dtmf,fax

    If you don’t have verbose listed for console, then AFAIK, you won’t see verbose messages however many -v options you give it!

    Cheers Tony

  • Run this command:

    tcpdump -pni any -s0 -vvv port 4569 -w /tmp/iax.pcap

    Try to authenticate and do calls, after that stop the command and send to us the file /tmp/iax.pcap that i can see and help you.

    If you want add-me at whatsapp

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    +55 41 | 9 9855-9300, single-sign-on.com.br helvio.junior@safetrend.com.br

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