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Is there any “easy” way to add a custom subscribe handler? I have a set of users with Polycom phones that attempt to Events that Asterisk/PJSIP
doesn’t recognize, “call-info” and “as-feature-event”. It just generates a warning, but it got me wondering if I could add my own handlers for those that didn’t actually do anything but simply responded with a 200 OK.

Yes, I can probably stop the phones from subscribing, but this is more academic at this point. I assume there are things that I could do if I
wanted to make changes and recompile, but is there an easier way to add a handler? I am a little confused about whether there is a subscribe handler in front of res_pjsip_pubsub, or if that is the first place that a SUBSCRIBE could get caught.


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  • The res_pjsip_pubsub module itself provides a framework for registering support for event types (ast_sip_register_subscription_handler) and handles the subscription lifetime. Callbacks are invoked on the various things. Subscription requested, terminated, etc. There are also functions for sending a NOTIFY and such.

    There’s also another framework for handling PUBLISH.

    This all does require writing a C module though and building it with Asterisk. There’s no external mechanism to implement such things.