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Hi Jonathan

Thx for the reply.

Yup, have tried them, may just be our incompetence and inexperience with Asterisk, but cannot get either of them to work right with our particular setup.

Due to legacy issues we run very different dialplans at 17 different sites, and some in-house custom software for Asterisk, and from testing 13 and 14
it appears each and every one of the sites will need custom rebuilding and redesigning to work right with the newer versions. We also use different hardware (DAHDI wise) at each site, different, -very- old PRI cards manufactured by different companies, etc.

Plus, been monitoring the group closely for about two years now, the problems and bugs apparent with 13 and 14 (some of which were solved, granted) are spine chilling – if we run into some of the issues I’ve seen around, our business will collapse.

PJSIP especially appears to be an absolutely horrendous nightmare –
extremely complex and difficult to configure for the type of situations we have where has been doing fine for years, over several tens of millions of calls.

But just my two cents, I could be completely wrong – if I can put the below issue to bed definitively, the people I report to will probably stay on standard till it can no longer be compiled in a whenever-contemporary Linux / libc / gcc environment…

into security fix only over 2 years ago, and reached “end of life/no further fixes” over a year ago.

versions – can you try with them?

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