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I find that using hints with PJSIP on Asterisk 13 is very unreliable compared to regular SIP. I see many phones as unavailable when they are in fact available. Usually hints will work fine for a while after a phone registers but after a while it will remain at unavailable while it is idle. If the phone is in use I will get the correct status from the hint (InUse, OnHold, Ringing) but it will go back to unavailable after ther call is done.

IAX2 endpoints do not have this problem and their hints work all the time. Since moving to PJSIP we are registering several devices using the same account and I find that these endpoints tend to dissapear from my console after one of the devices unregisters even though there is still another one active.

Any recommendations or configurations needed to stabilize hints for PJSIP?

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  • Let’s see where the root issue is. ‘pjsip list endpoints’ and ‘pjsip list contacts’ can help. When you see the issue happen, grab the hint state and endpoint states and contact status.