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My DAHDI phones were broken since a recent power outage (which required a reboot). For some reason the Asterisk or DAHDI configuration is messed up somewhere (probably from an update that was applied before the reboot?).

I am using a Digium TDM410 card.

At first, nothing worked at all, but I discovered that if I loaded things manually (e.g. modprobe dahdi; modprobe wctdm24xxp, then go into asterisk
-r and “module unload chan_dahdi; module load chan_dahdi”) then at least the lights on the card come on and the phones half work. Inbound calls work fine, but if I try to dial out, as soon as I press a numeric button on the phone, I get an immediate fast busy, so outbound calls don’t work. Outbound calls from a SIP phone off the same server work fine (the outbound line is an IAX link to a VOIP provider).

I have been Googling this for nearly an hour without finding any reference to this problem. Anybody have any idea where I can look to debug this, or a guess as to what might be wrong with the configuration?

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  • Sounds like you did not set a proper dialplan for them. I assume the phone is on dahdi channel 1. If so, please provide the output of:

    context=`asterisk -rx ‘dahdi show channel 1’ | awk ‘/Context: / {print $2}’
    asterisk -rx “dialplan show $context”

  • There is no existence of ‘from-internal’ context

    OK, so now I know what to work on; thank you very much for that.

    I can see that, in fact, the dahdi-channels.conf file sets the context as
    “from-internal”. I found an old version of this file, and it has the context set to “internal”, which is most likely what it should be. I will test this when I get home tonight. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.