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  • Administrator TOOTAI: You must have DAHDI running when using meetme because DAHDI does the audio mixing for the conference.

    Meetme is deprecated and replaced by ConfBridge on all currently supported Asterisk versions.


  • Richard Mudgett wrote:

    Except that confbridge lacks some features that meetme has — I wish this were not so.

    Your life is like a penny. You’re going to lose it. The question is:
    How do you spend it?

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  • Zitat von Mamadou NGOM :

    Well, if the file’s name ist dahdi.bash, you cannot just start dahdi…

    I suggest you to rename the file in dahdi. In Unix you don’t need an extension as in Windows.

    Regards Luca Bertoncello

  • You need to name the file just “dahdi”, not “dahdi.bash”; because the command
    “service dahdi start” is looking for a file just called “dahdi”. If you run
    # mv /etc/init.d/dahdi.bash /etc/init.d/dahdi then
    # service dahdi start should work.

    You probably also need to run
    # update-rc.d dahdi defaults to ensure it starts up everytime the computer is booted up.

  • Hello, I was faced with this problem, it is enough to place subdirectory under ./tools installation dahdi when compiling and run make install-config it should work.

    we must have :
    mkdir -p / etc / dahdi mkdir -p /etc/modprobe.d install -m644 xpp / genconf_parameters / etc / dahdi / genconf_parameters install -m644 init.conf.sample /etc/dahdi/init.conf install -m644 blacklist.sample /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi-blacklist.conf install -m644 modprobe.conf.sample /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.conf make -f ./Makefile.legacy top_srcdir =. srcdir =. config make [1]: Entering directory
    install -D dahdi.init /etc/init.d/dahdi
    /usr/sbin/update-rc.d dahdi defaults 15 30
    DAHDI has-been configured.

    Le 28/04/2016 16:37, A J Stiles a


    No. “mv dahdi.bash dahdi” was the whole command to rename the file. The file needs just to be called “dahdi” (without the speech marks) in the folder
    “/etc/init.d” (without the speech marks).

    If you have copied the file through Windows, the line endings may have become corrupted (I noticed a ^M in your error report). If so, you should run

    # hd dahdi | grep 0d

    to check. If you get any output, this indicates that Windows-style line-
    endings are present. To fix this, you can use

    # mv dahdi dahdi.0
    # tr -d “\015” < dahdi.0 > dahdi
    # rm dahdi.0

    after which sequence of commands, you should find that running

    # hd dahdi | grep 0d

    produces no output. And then when you type

    # service dahdi start

    then you should find DAHDI starting up. If so, then don’t forget to run

    # update-rc.d dahdi defaults

    to ensure DAHDI gets started at bootup from next time onwards.

  • This is a DOS-formatted text file. A ‘#!’ at the beginning of the line is handed over to the Linux kernel, which takes the rest of first line
    (up to the first newline character) as the interpreter of the script.

    This first line here is ‘/bin/sh\r’, because this file is a DOS-formatted text file, with lines that end in ‘\r\n’ instead of ‘\n’
    as in UNIX text files.

    sed -i -e ‘s/\r$//’ /etc/init.d/dahdi

    And then again, do you really need a DAHDI init script? See my previous message:


  • Package: dahdi-linux Version: 1:2.10.2~dfsg-1
    Severity: minor

    Add support to automatic loading of the base module ‘dahdi’, as it is e.g. needed for cases where DAHDI is needed for app_meetme in Asterisk
    (and in such a case won’t be pulled by hardware devices auto-detected).

    This is a regression from the version of dahdi-linux in Wheezy.

    There’s no such thing as “DAHDI running”. What Meetme needs is the basic DAHDI module loaded. It also loads the built-in timer (which was originally in a separate module: dahdi_dummy, and bfore that ztdummy).

    On Debian systems, if you want a module loaded at startup, you can add it to a file under /etc/modules-load.d . So what you need to do is:

    echo dahdi > /etc/modules-load.d/dahdi.conf

    And you’re done.

    (Also reporting this as a bug so I will not forget it)