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I want to use Asterisk to use Kamailio as an outbound proxy for routing calls to remote SIP end points, one option could be to use a default peer, but in my case, my outbound proxy can change based on the remote end point, so this option doesn’t work. And another problem is that I don’t know how to configure Asterisk to prepare the Request-URI
based on the remote end point and not based on the outbound proxy address?

What is the best way to do it?

Thanks, Nitesh

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  • Nitesh Bansal wrote:

    You’ll have to be specific with the channel driver in use. Speaking from chan_pjsip it does not have a mechanism to set the outbound proxy on a per-call basis, it’s strictly controlled by the endpoint. You’d need multiple or construct endpoints dynamically (for example using the ARI
    push configuration). As for not rewriting the request URI you need to use loose routing by specifying ;lr in the outbound proxy URI.


    If used in a configuration file:\;lr

    The ‘\’ is so the configuration parser does not treat it as a comment.


  • I’m using chan_sip, I experimented with adding a ‘Route’ header in the originate command and used the Dial command like ‘SIP/peer/exten’, but problem is that Request-URI isn’t populated correctly. I’m using Asterisk 13.

    Thanks, Nitesh

  • I’m also using ARI to dynamically select the Asterisk peer and remote end point, concern is how to use the same peer configuration with different end points and have asterisk populate the request-uri correctly?


  • Nitesh Bansal wrote:

    I can only speak for chan_pjsip I’m afraid, but Olle has provided information about chan_sip on your -dev cross post.