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To connect to google voice with xmpp, I’ve had to turn on the “less secure apps” switch.

My xmpp.conf :

type=client secret=mysecret priority%
usetls=yes usesasl=yes status=available statusmessage=”Not available”

Is there a way to configure xmpp so I don’t have to turn on “less secure apps” ?

Is this just a way of google messing with us ?


2 thoughts on - Asterisk A “less Secure App” On Google ??

  • My guess is that you should be able to use 2fa but enable this by using an
    “app specific password” in your Google account ( >
    Sign-In and Security > App Passwords). I haven’t tried it with this exact setup though.

  • But I don’t use 2fa to login from a browser. It’s not turned on (as far as I know).