Segmentation Fault With 13.5.0 / PJSIP 2.4.5

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Recursive wrote:

Information is on the wiki[1] which details how to get a backtrace from a core dump which may be present. Otherwise it’s unlikely that the problem can be located without exact details for reproducing it. If you can get a backtrace though you can file an issue on the issue tracker[2].


One thought on - Segmentation Fault With 13.5.0 / PJSIP 2.4.5

  • Thanks for the references. I am playing around with Asterisk several months now and never have experienced a segfault until yesterday. I always thought the software would be stable (because I have heard that even large companies use it) and haven’t compiled with the options for a core dump, so it looks like that we’ll never know what was happening.

    But I am planning to upgrade to 13.6.0 anyway, and when doing so, I’ll enable the core dumps like shown in [1].