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is it possible simultaneously use chan_sip and chan_pjsip?

if yes, can you recommend settings

i’m thinking about
– chan_sip – for sip hardphones/softphones (sip udp 5060)
– chan_pjsip – for webrtc

5 thoughts on - Simultaneous Use Of Chan_sip/chan_pjsip

  • You can use both.. you will want to make sure your bind addresses and ports don’t conflict.

    Why not use chan_pjsip for all SIP connectivity?

  • Dne 13.8.2015 v 17:20 Rusty Newton napsal(a):

    because it’s BIG change for production environment we have own web gui for config generation and we need move to chan_pjsip safely

  • Dne 13.8.2015 v 21:48 Marek ńĆervenka napsal(a):

    for the record

    it looks like the simultaneous use is not possible

    with this configuration



    type=transport protocol=wss bind=

    module is not loaded and load fails

    *CLI> module load
    [Aug 27 12:31:23] DEBUG[13977]: res_pjsip.c:1918 register_service_noref:
    Registered SIP service WebSocket Transport Module (0xb51353e0)
    [Aug 27 12:31:23] DEBUG[13977]: res_pjsip.c:1950
    unregister_service_noref: Unregistered SIP service WebSocket Transport Module Unable to load module Command ‘module load’ failed.

    *CLI> module show like websoc Module Description Use Count Status Support Level HTTP WebSocket Support
    2 Running extended PJSIP WebSocket Transport Support 0 Not Running core

  • Dne 27.8.2015 v 12:37 Joshua Colp napsal(a):
    with patch from ticket(disable ws in chan_sip) it works ok thanks!

    Marek Cervenka