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I have a dialplan that search a phone from dialed code, i.e:

mysql table:
dest: +555133449966

query in odbc function:
SELECT dest FROM my_table WHERE code = ‘${ARG1}’

exten => _#7XXXX,1,Set(DESTNO=${ODBC_query_dest_in_table(${EXTEN:2})})
same => n,Dial(SIP/xxx.xxx.xxx/${DESTNO},30,tT)
same => n,hangup

I need to update the dialed number in the screen of SIP phones, when query search the number, the Asterisk should update the #7xxxx for the found number. I know that this facility probably should to be supported by the phones. I tried change the parameters like pid, rpid, but no success. In Asterisk, is it possible? Which parameters need I change? And in the sip phone, which facilities should it have?

Thanks in advance.

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