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Hi, I have a queue configured on Asterisk (11.14.2);

Currently regardless of what codec any side is using, every call handled by the queue is seen as 2 separate calls (4 channels).

Calls are incoming to the queue from a (few) SIP trunk(s), queue has the ‘queue no answer’ option set, autofill is OFF, strategy is ‘ringall’, there are only ‘static’ agents phones / no dynamic agents on the queue.

(the queue is ‘just’ intended to handle the possibility of having several incoming calls ringing at the same time)

I do not mind to have the calls waiting in the queue to be counted as yet another call, but,

is ther a way for the call to be pushed out of the queue and ‘bridged’ together when an agent answers the call ? So to not be counted as 4 channels/2 calls each?
Does have to do anything with the phones’ ‘extension’s’ config ? Or would that be actual ‘queue’s’ setting ?

It’s harmless the way it is now, it works as intended, I’m happy with it –
only that it inflates the call statistics about twofold.

(about, because there are DID’s that do not go through the queue, and these are only counted once)

Any insight/pointers would be appreciated.
(I read here and there about the queue application, I’m not of this background so not much rings a bell 🙂 )

Hope this makes sense

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