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Hi, all

Is there someway ability to insert custom Header to “SIP 486” message, when HANGUP application is invoked?

Our use case is to set that Header, when call-limit is reached, to analyze elsewhere, but we do not want to set some custom causecode in HANGUP application because this can confuse a calling equipment.

3 thoughts on - Custom Header When Busy

  • I only know of the SIPAddHeader application which lets you add headers when used before Dial, so I don’t think you can do this currently.

  • I think that Asterisk cannot handle this in general. There might be further call-limit restrictions coming from the individual settings of your phones. I think the easiest way for inhouse calls is to use Action URLs (if supported by the phone) and setup a a finite state machine externally to handle your needs.


  • CDRs also work, but you have to do a lot more because you need to evaluate the time information for ringing, talking, simultaneous calls, etc. A small state machine is easier to handle. I do this kind of stuff when I have to install new boxes to get an overview of various statistics.