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In Asterisk 11 it is possible to set extensions on DB table (sipppers) and also in sip.conf.

But in Asterisk 13 apparently this is not possible: as I tried to set in ps_endpoints and also in pjsip.conf but only the realtime endpoints are loaded.

Is there a way to use realtime + static modes at the same time for the ps_endpoints lookup using PJSIP.


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  • Sunny wrote:

    Yes. The sorcery.conf file controls this and allows specifying multiple things. It would be like follows:

    endpoint=realtime,ps_endpoints endpoint=config,pjsip.conf,criteria=type=endpoint

    Realtime will get queried first followed by the configuration file. If you want to change the order then swap their placement.


  • Yeah, it works now. Thank you Joshua!

    However I’m getting following error:
    [2015-02-02 16:55:56] ERROR[32605] res_sorcery_config.c: Could not create an object of type ‘endpoint’ with id ‘’ from configuration file

    my endpoint is defined as:
    type = endpoint transport=simpletrans context = inbound dtmf_mode = inband disallow = all allow = alaw allow = ulaw aors =


  • Sunny wrote:

    Does “pjsip show endpoints” show it? I think there may be a regression or something where it is trying to create endpoints before it can… leading to an error message that eventually gets resolved.