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I’m creating an app that needs to read the status of all dahdi spans and channels, etc. (whatever is needed to tell a user the state of their DAHDI connections).

What is the best way to do that? I see dahdi-tools available from the command line, asterisk CLI commands, and AMI commands. What is the best way to get the status at a detail level?

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  • For analog and raw span information (line mode (E1/T1), alarms, current analog configuration, etc..), I think using either dahdi_scan or the attributes in
    /sys/bus/dahdi_devices/devices//span- is your best bet.

    Maintenance counters on digital spans (timing slips, bit errors, etc..) is returned via:

    $ dahdi_maint -s

    For information about whether your PRI is up, you have to ask Asterisk since the drivers do not handle the PRI protocol. I don’t know if it is the *best* way, but I use:

    $ asterisk -rx ‘pri show spans’