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I’m trying to subscribe a softphone to an Asterisk 11 server, but it sends an “ua-profile” event that Asterisk immediately rejects with a 489 Bad Event error. Is this event not supported at all? Are there any workarounds?

Best regards, Norman

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  • Norman Laidla wrote:

    Kia ora,

    That’s correct, there is no support for ua-profile and a 489 is the correct response. This shouldn’t cause any problems though, unless the softphone absolutely requires that RFC to be implemented in which case it won’t work. The only workaround for likely be to implement it if that is the case.


  • Well, pants. It actually is causing a problem, because the phone doesn’t use any other methods to register to Asterisk. This is a bit of a big issue.

    Hopefully support for the event will be implemented somewhere down the line. Unfortunately, I lack the skills to do it myself.

    Best regards, Norman

  • Steven Howes wrote:

    It’s not really using ua-profile to register. It’s using that to get profile information so it can provision itself and become aware if its configuration changes.

    It’s odd to me that this is a required RFC. Is this softphone written to be used against a specific platform?