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First I am new to PBX so i might be doing something fundamentally wrong… That being said I got a FreePBX 32bit stable 6.12.65.

I am having some issue with the NAT and sound, both phones are ringing but there is sound, I had some talk on IRC:

<[TK]D-Fender> Note for elfranne’s situation, : nat=force_rport,comedia”
should have returned the public IP the call arrived on, but it is not.
Can anyone comment on why it wouldn’t have pulled it?

A call sample 202 calling 203 (ignore 403):

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  • Path support will only help if there are intermediary proxies, and even then won’t help with media (assuming OP meant ‘no sound’).

    I could have missed it in the pastebin, but I didn’t see a request/response from Asterisk that was either sent to a private IP
    address or contained a private IP address in the SDP. In the trace that you provided, which request/response did you feel was in error?