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I’m playing around in a lab, and I was wondering if its possible to have Asterisk act similar to that of a Avaya PBX, where we have media gateways do the heavy lifting.

This is what I was thinking of trying.

1. One asterisk server will contain the logic of the phone system (ex: queues, extensions…etc).

2. The mains server will not handle RTP traffic, it will send the RTP traffic to another system (another asterisk box?) for processing.

At the end of the day, what I am hoping for is to have 1 brain, and mutiple work horse audio gateways that can be added and removed as needed.

Has this been done? Can anyone point me to some documentation on how others have done this?

It’s always fun to play

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  • Yes, this is basically functionality for Asterisk. If you are using SIP, you want to REINVITE media away from your core Asterisk box. I
    suggest picking up the book[1] and reading the chapter on connecting multiple Asterisk boxes together.