DAHDI-Linux And DAHDI-Tools 2.9.0 Now Available

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The Asterisk Development Team has announced the releases of:

This release is available for immediate download at:
http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-linux http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-tools http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-linux-complete

– Introduces support for Digium’s new TE131 and TE132 products.
– Updates firmware for existing TE133 and TE134 products.
– New documentation and support tool improvements for configurable span/channel numbering
– Currently, span/channel ordering is determined by module load order
– Work arounds are used to specify channel assignment order by blacklisting all modules
and then loading them in a specific order to preserve channel assignments.
– We have been driving towards moving span/chan assignments out of kernel space and into user space.
– This is a much more robust solution which allows for:
– hotplugging, surprise device removal and installation while maintaining channel ordering
– parallel module loading (much faster booting on dense systems)
– discrete control over span and channel ordering via configuration files
– “sticky” channel assignments which can be tied to specific hardware ids or pci slots
– This new system is enabled by setting the module parameter of dahdi auto_assign_spans=0
– More info here: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.telephony.pbx.asterisk.user/278656/match=auto_assigned_spans

Shortlog of dahdi-linux changes since v2.8.0.1:
Oron Peled (3):
xpp: deprecate dahdi_autoreg
xpp: continue xpp.dahdi_autoreg deprecation
sysfs: new device attribute: registration_time

Russ Meyerriecks (6):
wcte13xp: wcaxx: Fix broken devicetype attributes
wcte13xp: Update firmware to 0x780017
wcte13xp: Add support for te131 and te132 products
Revert “dahdi: Change auto_assign_spans default from 1 to 0.”
wcte13xp: wcaxx: wcte43x: Remove VPM_SUPPORT compile option.
wcte13xp: wcxb: Add delayed reset firmware feature

Shaun Ruffell (10):
wctdm24xxp: Reset module specific type information on probe.
dahdi: Move clearing of DAHDI_ALARM_NOTOPEN to __dahdi_assign_span().
dahdi: Change auto_assign_spans default from 1 to 0.
wcaxx, wcte13xp, wcte43x: Honor max_latency module parameter.
wcte13xp: Export max_latency module parameter.
wcte43x, wcte13xp: Use MSI interrupts if possible.
dahdi: Do not access invalid memory if invalid local span number is passed to spantype attribute.
wcte43x: Trivial drop of unnecessary local variables.
wct4xxp: Trivial drop of unnecessary local variables.
wcte43x, wcte13xp, wcaxx: Bump irqmisses counter when there are DMA underruns.

Tzafrir Cohen (4):
README: xpp.dahdi_autoreg is deprecated
README: the new registration_time device attribute
README: The sysfs class now includes no channels
sysfs: registration_time: use ktime_get_ts

Shortlog of dahdi-tools changes since v2.8.0:
Oron Peled (6):
Makefile: do install all man-pages
hotplug modularization: move sources to a subdir
hotplug modularization: split logic to scriptlets
new “dahdi_waitfor_span_assignments” tool
dahdi_span_types: allow defaults + overrides
Change span-type.conf generation policy

Russ Meyerriecks (2):
wcte13xp: Teach tools about te131 te132 products
dahdi.init: Don’t exit on lack of /etc/dahdi/system.conf

Shaun Ruffell (8):
dahdi_cfg: Wait for all spans to be assigned.
dahdi_span_config: Do not run auto span configuration if spans are auto assigned.
dahdi_handle_device, dahdi_span_config: Check for auto_assign_spans only when ACTION is add.
dahdi_genconf: Add ‘modules’, ‘spantypes’, and ‘assignedspans’ to list of available generators.
dahdi_span_types: Show location of configuration file in help message.
dahdi_handle_device: Auto assign only the device being added.
dahdi_cfg: Add semaphore to prevent parallel execution.
dahdi_cfg: Allow dynamic spans to handle udev based span assignment.

Tzafrir Cohen (16):
dahdi.rules: Replace SYSFS with ATTRS
dahdi.rules: use += for RUN
.gitignore: more generated files
README: indentation level for config samples
README: document initialization
README: Update the install targets
span_types/assignments: no * in device list
dahdi_genconf: don’t generate spantypes by default
dahdi_span_assignments.8: s/register/assign/
dahdi_span_types: hush warning of missing attribute
programmable bash completion for some commands
dahdi_perl: fix regression with an AB with no modules
bash_completion: fix dahdi_genconf
hyphen/minus fixes in man pages
hotplug: document asterisk scriptlet
README: udev hooks run scripts from directories

The diffstat from the dahdi-linux v2.8.0.1 release:
README | 26 +++++–