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Is there a method “way” to be able to dial the phone number through asterisk from the outlook email contact?

Regards Bilal

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  • If Outlook works anything like the KDE mail / news / calendar app Kontact, then you can specify a command to be run whenever a phone number is clicked on, and insert the number into the command by means of a placeholder.
    Ordinarily, this would simply launch a softphone client.

    What we did to get Asterisk-integrated fuctionality in Kontact was simply set the “call” command to invoke wget and fire a CGI script on the Asterisk box, which generated a callfile. The script knows the IP address from which it was invoked, and therefrom can determine the extension number of the nearest phone.


    That’s about $10 per licence more than you need to spend. I hope you got full Source Code and modification rights for that money, because you certainly would if you did it properly.