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I asked this on the list over the weekend, and likely missed a few people inboxes.

I’m having a problem pulling data from RTPAUDIOQOS. For testing purposes I have asterisk sending QOS data to the console. It seems I get QOS data only if the caller hangs up, with the variable being empty if the callee (or asterisk) hangs up.

Any idea why I would see this?

Thanks, Richard Seguin

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  • Generally exten h is not run when the callee hangs up. See also the “g” option to Dial.

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  • This is not just Asterisk! “Real” phone exchanges don’t know when the callee has hung up, either. It was a limitation of analogue circuit-switching technology that has been slavishly emulated up to the present day, even although a digital phone technically *can* inform the exchange that it has been hung up.

    If someone calls you, you hang up but they keep their phone off the hook, then the next time you pick up your receiver you will still be connected to them.
    (Call your landline from your mobile and place the mobile in front of a radio, if you don’t believe me.)