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Hello everyone!

Asterisk is a large project and is used all over the world. As a result, the Asterisk project is lucky to have a large and thriving user community that communicates in a variety of places: IRC channels, forums, mailing lists, social media, and more. We in the Asterisk community value that diversity – the Asterisk project is stronger due to our many different experiences and opinions.

For a long time, the Asterisk project has had no code of conduct to guide those who wish to participate in the community. While we may wish to believe that we all know the “correct” way to behave when interacting with others, given our wide and diverse backgrounds, this definition of “correct” can vary from person to person. Even people who sometimes mean well can create situations where others feel excluded from the community. This is a situation that we would like to avoid.

As such, from today on, people who wish to participate in the Asterisk community agree to adhere to a community code of conduct. The policy, which is available on the Asterisk wiki [1], is reproduced here as follows: